So in the rough economic times, you may have found that you no longer have enough cash for you drug habit anymore. Fret no more, it turns out you can accomplish the same effects while simply riding your bike. That is, provided you already haven’t sold your bike to support your habit, perhaps you should consider stealing it back.

I came across the old Six-Day Bike Race. A basic explanation reveals that it started in Europe, but the basic goal is to complete as many laps on a track as possible in six days. The compeititors were allowed to sleep when they wanted, and start racing when they wanted. These only exist mainly in Europe now.However, America hosted its first at Madison Square Garden.

Chasing the Bike Dragon

The most amazing part is the description of what this prolonged riding causes to the body.

“The condition included delusions and hallucinations. Riders wobbled and fell. But they were often well paid, especially since more people came to watch as their condition worsened.” – Courtesy of wikipedia

“The wear and tear upon their nerves and their muscles, and the loss of sleep make them [peevish and fretful]. If their desires are not met with on the moment, they break forth with a stream of abuse. Nothing pleases them.” –  Brooklyn Daily Eagle

Sound like some crack heads I’ve seen.

You can also check a video over at Daily Motion.