One night, I was walking down the street, and I saw a giant picture in a pharmacy shop window.

ass for days, bikes for weeks

Now, at a quick glance, I was confused as to what was going on. After a double take, I realized it wasn’t some weird contraption placed between this woman’s beautiful long legs, but a bike! The original advertisement, is not quite as weird. It is for a thigh cream that probably doesn’t work. Without the cropping, you can quickly tell it’s a bike.

I wear this outfit all the time

I don’t know how convincing this is for thigh cream, but it sure does a lot to appeal to the male biking crowd. As my friend Danny says, “I convince people everyday to ride bike, just by how cool I look on mine, passing them in their cars.” I thought this advertisement would be a good marketing scheme for my friend Robby in Chicago, at Rapid Transit Bike Shop. This lovely lady would become “The Shop Girl” but also the motivational emblem for the shop. I gave her encouraging phrases like “Yeah, I like cranking that shaft,” and “Chain suck, anyone?”

So now, here’s a blog for photos of you and your bike. That’s the only rule. Ideal photos will encourage others to bike. Plus points for originality, oddity, weirdness, nudity, and double-takes.

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