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So I never got around to taking a romantic tandem ride in France. Maybe I’ll get lucky enough to do so in Philadelphia. However, if I manage to befriend a hot guy (or old man) with a tandem, I’m going to demand we wear matching knee high socks. What says true love more than a tandem bike?? A coordinated outfit that says ‘We got dressed together for this ride!” Oh yeah.

New Tandem Fasion Trend

Will date for ride on your tandem. Please wear sexy hat.


Although I don’t miss certain things about Philadelphia bike culture, one thing to miss is certainly the style. I’ve toted my Small Civilian Re-Load Bag with me all over Europe. Its acted as my carry-on luggage more than once, and I’ve never once regretted taking it with me somewhere.

One thing I could have lived without, is in cities where biking is less popular, the stares for having such a large back-pack bag. I don’t really care, but part of the fun of fashion is scoping out just how other people like you are rocking their style. I mean, everyone in Philly/NYC has a carabiner for their keys, you just don’t use anything else.

I just want to give ups to and my best friend Emily, who gifted me my custom beast.

mine is cuter.

She's hot.

the first segway?

Historically, girls have always tried to mix the joy of air up your skirt, with riding a bike. However, its quite difficult to combine the two passions. You either ride the bike, with your hand in front of your crotch, blocking air and peeping toms. Or, you just go for it, and instead of a beautiful lady on a bike, you become that skank with the hot pink thong under your jean skirt.

I am looking for ladies who can suggest tips and solutions to this terrible problem. Solutions that are more sexily fashionable than this:

No more pervs staring up your skirt!


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