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I’ve been watching a larger amount of kung-fu movies than usual. I thought, surely there are tons of pictures of bike ninjas. But, there is a severe absense of bike ninjas on the internet, and possibly in the world(?)!!

Surprisingly, this was the only rad ninja bike photo I found. (logo = nerd love)

Copyright Flickr User scochrancpslo

However, I did finally look on YouTube, to find an awesome movie called Lady is the Boss. Kung Fu bicycle gang headed by an awesome 80s chick.

Lady is the Boss & the Rad

Check this clip, your mind will be blown; mine was.


So there’s basically two forces in my life that make me want to be a better, more awesome biker. The first is my friend Robby, in Chicago. He’s so rad, he’s all like “I mastered the cool bike riding, and now I’m going to try out BMX’ing.” He makes anything he does awesome. Having a rad ‘stache doesn’t hurt, as well as being an awesome part of Rapid Transit in Chicago. I guess FuelTV stopped by the BMX spot in ChiTown, so keep a look out for the boys.

Voila - 'Stache BMX

In other awesome boys who ride bikes news, looks like ESPN finally realized Bike Polo is a sport. Link courtesy of my friend Brian in ChiTown, who also makes me want to be a more awesome biker. Its awesome cause it means more money will go into the Bike Polo Tournaments around the world, through sponsors, and to the guys and GIRLS who sacrifice their bodies for the sport. (And what fine looking bodies they are might I add!) This means it will be harder to get a good view of the action from the fence for me!

Check out my favorite site to stalk this sport.. League of Bike Polo, to find out where to throw down around you.

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