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Sometimes, you just miss the mark. With my last post, I would think a link about a map, is really, about the map. I’m obviously not a great reporter because the real story, or should I say wheel story, is about The Wheelmen, who made the map. If you are thinking about questioning this entity, just let the bad ass logo shut you up.

Yeah, our logo is more RAD than your life

They are dedicated to the preservation and restoration of olden bikes. You can have a membership for just a mere 25 dollars, but I’m sure you have to own a sweet bike. If you not convinced, check out the photo galleries. With photo galleries titled, High Wheels, Hard Tired, and Pneumatics, you know there’s a lot to promise here. Here’s a sampling of the wonderment you can find on their site.

Jeremy’s personal favorite:

"Does he have medals? yes. Does he rock gay shorts? yes."

Yes, the black knee highs- next bike trend people.

Wheel Ladies exist too! Do not fret girls.

Photographs of the modern Wheelmen are forthcoming. We will keep you updated.


As we all know, Philadelphia’s bike lanes leave a lot to be desired. However, Jeremy sent this cool artifact over. It’s an old map of the best bike routes in and around Philadelphia. Unfortunately, this image only shows the Main Line, and I mean, why would anyone want to go there?

History & Shit!

I bet some of you didn’t know that we do have bicycle maps for Philadelphia. It’s just that they aren’t necessarily very helpful because they show what a serious lack of bike friendly streets we have in Center City Philadelphia. The Bike Coalition of Greater Philadelphia has a goal of connecting existing bike lanes, and they have some great map services accessible online.

Knock West Philly all you want, they have the best bike lanes.

But as always, there are easier (and dumber) solutions to your problems. You could always just buy a contraption to mount a GPS or your iPhone to your bike. Who honestly thinks this could ever be a good idea? I mean, I would love to use the TPain App while riding down the street, but that just sounds like a terrible, terrible idea.

SHAWTY.. Lemme buy you a mount!

So in the rough economic times, you may have found that you no longer have enough cash for you drug habit anymore. Fret no more, it turns out you can accomplish the same effects while simply riding your bike. That is, provided you already haven’t sold your bike to support your habit, perhaps you should consider stealing it back.

I came across the old Six-Day Bike Race. A basic explanation reveals that it started in Europe, but the basic goal is to complete as many laps on a track as possible in six days. The compeititors were allowed to sleep when they wanted, and start racing when they wanted. These only exist mainly in Europe now.However, America hosted its first at Madison Square Garden.

Chasing the Bike Dragon

The most amazing part is the description of what this prolonged riding causes to the body.

“The condition included delusions and hallucinations. Riders wobbled and fell. But they were often well paid, especially since more people came to watch as their condition worsened.” – Courtesy of wikipedia

“The wear and tear upon their nerves and their muscles, and the loss of sleep make them [peevish and fretful]. If their desires are not met with on the moment, they break forth with a stream of abuse. Nothing pleases them.” –  Brooklyn Daily Eagle

Sound like some crack heads I’ve seen.

You can also check a video over at Daily Motion.


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