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I’ve been watching a larger amount of kung-fu movies than usual. I thought, surely there are tons of pictures of bike ninjas. But, there is a severe absense of bike ninjas on the internet, and possibly in the world(?)!!

Surprisingly, this was the only rad ninja bike photo I found. (logo = nerd love)

Copyright Flickr User scochrancpslo

However, I did finally look on YouTube, to find an awesome movie called Lady is the Boss. Kung Fu bicycle gang headed by an awesome 80s chick.

Lady is the Boss & the Rad

Check this clip, your mind will be blown; mine was.


Back in the day, some people believed instead of engines, bikes would power man’s flying machines. Actually, I have no historical evidence of this, but it sounds good. I’m getting ready to leave France, and my flight is not for a few more days. Most of my friends here have already completed their exodus, including my best friend this past Saturday. So, since I’m ready to leave, I sometimes wish I could Amelia Earhart my way across the Atlantic on one of these bad boys. I also wish I didn’t have a fear of heights, and large open bodies of water with sea monsters who eat girls’ toes.

I would have shaped that balloon differently..

IKANOPIT, the name of my punk band.

Apparently the Wright Bros. really did try it out.

All I can see is the fan, and think, Bike Hovercraft?

Surprisingly not cool or rad, but douchebag & lazy. Seeking improvements.

So I’m actually a nerd, who also loves biking. You know who else was? That’s right, this guy.

"I thought of that while riding my bicycle." - Albert Einstein

One of my nerd habits has always been hanging out in libraries, used book stores, and searching through antique photos and magazines. I love just looking at pictures and articles from the olden days. These are some photos from the New York World’s Fair of 1939 – 1940, from a show called American Jubilee.

'merica + Bikes = F*CK Yeah!

The show was a production involving a great deal of people from the Broadway crowd. There were many collaborators for music, but also performances. These performances also included.. BIKES.

Ride that thing!

This chick’s name is Tina Rigat. There’s not much to be found about her, other than this legendary description:

“Tiny Tina Rigat, star trick bicycle performer at the American Jubilee, hit show of the Great White Way, at the World’s Fair of New York 1940.”

I’ve serached in vain for film clips of this show, or musical excerpts to no avail. There is however, more photographs, think: Bike Musical. I would go see this today. It’s like synchronized biking, which I will touch on in another post in the future.



...3 ... GO!

And I just like this song.


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