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As we all know, Philadelphia’s bike lanes leave a lot to be desired. However, Jeremy sent this cool artifact over. It’s an old map of the best bike routes in and around Philadelphia. Unfortunately, this image only shows the Main Line, and I mean, why would anyone want to go there?

History & Shit!

I bet some of you didn’t know that we do have bicycle maps for Philadelphia. It’s just that they aren’t necessarily very helpful because they show what a serious lack of bike friendly streets we have in Center City Philadelphia. The Bike Coalition of Greater Philadelphia has a goal of connecting existing bike lanes, and they have some great map services accessible online.

Knock West Philly all you want, they have the best bike lanes.

But as always, there are easier (and dumber) solutions to your problems. You could always just buy a contraption to mount a GPS or your iPhone to your bike. Who honestly thinks this could ever be a good idea? I mean, I would love to use the TPain App while riding down the street, but that just sounds like a terrible, terrible idea.

SHAWTY.. Lemme buy you a mount!



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