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Sometimes, you just miss the mark. With my last post, I would think a link about a map, is really, about the map. I’m obviously not a great reporter because the real story, or should I say wheel story, is about The Wheelmen, who made the map. If you are thinking about questioning this entity, just let the bad ass logo shut you up.

Yeah, our logo is more RAD than your life

They are dedicated to the preservation and restoration of olden bikes. You can have a membership for just a mere 25 dollars, but I’m sure you have to own a sweet bike. If you not convinced, check out the photo galleries. With photo galleries titled, High Wheels, Hard Tired, and Pneumatics, you know there’s a lot to promise here. Here’s a sampling of the wonderment you can find on their site.

Jeremy’s personal favorite:

"Does he have medals? yes. Does he rock gay shorts? yes."

Yes, the black knee highs- next bike trend people.

Wheel Ladies exist too! Do not fret girls.

Photographs of the modern Wheelmen are forthcoming. We will keep you updated.



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