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In my research of flying bikes, I fell into some cool military bikes. My bro is in the 82nd Airborne in Iraq – he rules. I was never a military person, but having my brother, and also my step-brother being in the military will change your mind. So, basically, it gets really boring in Iraq, and check out what this guy did.

I'm gunna weld me a bike!

And when he was all finished welding each link together with eight welds, they asked, what are you going to do now? And he responded, “Well, finish my tour here, then build a bunch of these for my kids!” Whats not to love about a military guy? Anyway, I like the chopper style. Good frame choice my friend.

I also came across this cool fold up bike, which they claim the military uses. My brother has never told me about hopping out a plane, and then having to ride this bike, but here it is none the less.

And you can jump out a plane with it.

And Europe always has the states beat in the bike game, and its no different with military bikes. The Swiss Army is known for their knives, but they should be just as well known for their Swiss Army Bicycle. I mean this bike has everything, and honestly, all bikes should be this well equipped in case of a problem on the biking road.

Oh baby you, you got what I need.


the first segway?

Historically, girls have always tried to mix the joy of air up your skirt, with riding a bike. However, its quite difficult to combine the two passions. You either ride the bike, with your hand in front of your crotch, blocking air and peeping toms. Or, you just go for it, and instead of a beautiful lady on a bike, you become that skank with the hot pink thong under your jean skirt.

I am looking for ladies who can suggest tips and solutions to this terrible problem. Solutions that are more sexily fashionable than this:

No more pervs staring up your skirt!

Gratuit is the French word for free. I am lucky enough to live and work in Angers, France, which also gets me a free city bike.

Bike parking on the Maine River, Angers & Chateau d'Angers

my whip d'Angers - femme yellow version

my boy Max's more manly blue bike

It comes with a three-month contract, which is renewable, and the bike is free with a credit card in case the bike is not returned. It’s also free to ride your bike and see the countryside.

The Loire river valley is notoriously known for being a great biking countryside. The Loire Tourism has a pretty oragnized system of bike safe paths and roads to travel, and a pretty great website.

seize the open bike path

from civilization to nature in 5 minutes

the Maine River, just north of the Loire

So I’m actually a nerd, who also loves biking. You know who else was? That’s right, this guy.

"I thought of that while riding my bicycle." - Albert Einstein

One of my nerd habits has always been hanging out in libraries, used book stores, and searching through antique photos and magazines. I love just looking at pictures and articles from the olden days. These are some photos from the New York World’s Fair of 1939 – 1940, from a show called American Jubilee.

'merica + Bikes = F*CK Yeah!

The show was a production involving a great deal of people from the Broadway crowd. There were many collaborators for music, but also performances. These performances also included.. BIKES.

Ride that thing!

This chick’s name is Tina Rigat. There’s not much to be found about her, other than this legendary description:

“Tiny Tina Rigat, star trick bicycle performer at the American Jubilee, hit show of the Great White Way, at the World’s Fair of New York 1940.”

I’ve serached in vain for film clips of this show, or musical excerpts to no avail. There is however, more photographs, think: Bike Musical. I would go see this today. It’s like synchronized biking, which I will touch on in another post in the future.



...3 ... GO!

And I just like this song.

I figured its only fair to start this out by putting photos of myself out there. I’ve been living in France for a few months. If you’re ever lucky enough to make it to Paris, I recommend getting on one of these almost-free bikes. You need a French credit card to do so, good luck with that. However, if you succeed, it’s only about 1 euro to take a Velib (Paris bikes) for a ride.

schlegel on schwag

A beautiful view (they are everywhere in Paris). You can see most of Paris’ sites along the Seine with a bike in less than an hour. Also, These bikes are more like tanks, so don’t let French drivers put you off.

pull over that bike too fat


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