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Like most people, I constantly need to be listening to music. I find that when I’m biking, I get most compelled to stop.. and just start busting moves. Unfortunately, boom boxes aren’t that easy to find in your local pawn shop anymore. They are often swept up by kids cooler than you, with a more analog skill set. Anyway, I’ve found some variations to the boom box-bike combination that I think solve my need of a relocatable and movable dance floor.

Gotta get that.. boom boom boom - box!

BMX break beats on the streets

I think this operates off an iPad...

Now, the party really is wherever I am.


I’ll be spending the weekend in Paris. Additionally, this week, I found out I’ll be returning to the states in less than a month. With that, I’ll be returning to North East pretentious fixed gear bike culture. I don’t really miss it, I must say. For a while, I thought it didn’t exist at all here, but it does. Its just French, more about aesthetic than who’s calves are bigger. Here’s two Americans living in Paris as proof: (click on picture for post and blog)

Americans fixie-d in Paris


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