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Today I was reading about Charles Murphy, better known as “Mile a Minute Murphy“. This guy is a legend because he was the first man to ride a bicycle one mile in under a minute, in 1899, and he did it in just 57.8 seconds.

"That's awkward."

I guess you could call me a 'Starling of the Slipstream'

He’s a kind of know-it-all, but he gets his before he dies, losing a leg to gangrene in Jamaica before he died. I always kind of think of that as God putting your ego in check. Before all that though, he was admitted to the Bicycle Hall of Fame.

Remember the Bicycle Museum

It’s located in Davis, California, which apparently has a history of being an awesome biking town. You can check out a Flickr photo set of some awesome stuff around Davis. Good thing they took the museum out of New Jersey! (No, actually I feel pretty bad Jersey lost this museum to the West Coast.) The museum includes several old and antique bikes, but also has a long list of famous bikers, both in sport and in innovation. Guess I might have a reason to head west!



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