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Back in the day, some people believed instead of engines, bikes would power man’s flying machines. Actually, I have no historical evidence of this, but it sounds good. I’m getting ready to leave France, and my flight is not for a few more days. Most of my friends here have already completed their exodus, including my best friend this past Saturday. So, since I’m ready to leave, I sometimes wish I could Amelia Earhart my way across the Atlantic on one of these bad boys. I also wish I didn’t have a fear of heights, and large open bodies of water with sea monsters who eat girls’ toes.

I would have shaped that balloon differently..

IKANOPIT, the name of my punk band.

Apparently the Wright Bros. really did try it out.

All I can see is the fan, and think, Bike Hovercraft?

Surprisingly not cool or rad, but douchebag & lazy. Seeking improvements.



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